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Online Tuition: How does it work?

Online lessons are usually via Skype. Skype lessons can be with or without the video on as some students prefer not to be on camera. We can even do lessons by Skype messages without the video or microphone, if a student feels happier typing to communicate, 

Lessons are from 30 minutes long, up to 2 or 3 hours at a time. Students preparing for exams might need a good booster session, whereas younger children or home educated students might like a few lessons a week which are shorter. Homework is given after each lesson and forms an important part of the tuition.

I tutor across the exam boards and am happy to help with re-sits and intensive catch-up lessons before exams.

I tutor all ages, from Primary through to A Level. I also tutor adult learners.

All work is adjusted to suit each student and their needs and abilities.  I home educated my own children and am always happy to help students who are studying independently.

English GCSE or pre-GCSE lessons can be split between Language and Literature/Poetry. If you would like to know more, or to ask something in particular, please use the Contact form to get in touch.

Creative Writing lessons are a blend of discussion, writing and homework completed between lessons for us to look at together in the next lesson.

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Fees for Tuition

Lessons can be paid for per hour or half hour, or in discounted block bookings. All lessons are to be paid in advance.


Lessons paid for one at a time are £30 per half hour or £49 per hour. Block bookings are £150 for 6 half hour lessons or £280 for 6 hours of lessons.

Trial lessons are £20 for half an hour or £40 for an hour.

Shared lessons are available - share the lesson, share the cost!

For students in the UK, BACS/bank transfer payments are the usual method of payment. Paypal is also available.

All lessons are to be paid in advance. Please ensure you have allowed enough time for your payment to clear before the day of your lesson. Thank you!


Discounts are available for students who book multiple lessons each week. Please contact me for more details. Discounted bookings are payable in advance.

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