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Creative Writing for enrichment, literacy, vocabulary, imaginative expression, aspiring writers and for 11+, 13+, GCSE and A Level.

My name is Amanda J Harrington, and I am The Creative Writing Tutor and author of numerous books on literacy, other non-fiction and fiction books.

I started my tutoring business 14 years ago, travelling from house to house in my trusty little car, visiting students in all weathers, negotiating floods on many an unlit bend, shaking snow from my lumpy boots. I made friends with (almost) all the dogs and (absolutely) all the cats; I was treated to cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and consumed endless, welcome cups of tea and coffee.

Later, I moved most of my tuition online and now see students around the world, from Hong Kong to India to ten minutes down the road! Somehow I still manage to meet the pets, often by accident - and students definitely get to meet mine!

As for my writing, I have created stories for as long as I can remember. I published my first book in 2012 and started teaching creative writing as well as using my own unique resources in lessons. I am the author of educational and creative writing books for all ages, and I also write fiction and non-fiction for adults and children, including my popular set of books about life on the autistic spectrum.

I am a great believer in our studies being about far more than passing 'the test'. I home educated my own children and much of the enrichment work I created for them became the basis for the endless activities, worksheets, projects, tests and exams featured over the years in my books and my tuition. 

Educational, non-fiction & story books


"Amanda is a fantastic tutor and her help enabled my daughter to obtain grade 5’s in both language and literature in her GCSEs today. Amanda suspected my daughter had a processing delay problem, something her school had failed to notice. Without Amanda’s help my daughter would not have passed these exams and we cannot thank her enough"

"So helpful and really easy to get along with! Catered to my individual learning needs taking into consideration that I’m a kinaesthetic learner. Recommend to anyone who is looking for a tutor!"

"Lovely tutor. Creates a very relaxed atmosphere for learning."

"Amanda tutored my son, with additional SEN. She was patient and adapted her approach to help him. He enjoyed their sessions together. Definitely recommend."

Creative Writing Tuition

There is far more to a successful story than the perfect vocabulary or carefully-placed adjectives!

My Creative Writing tuition has something of the extraordinary about it. I specialise in helping students to harness their imaginations, whether for their own writing or to prepare for 11+, GCSE or A Level exams. My dual perspective, as both tutor and writer, means students not only learn how to write an accurate story, description, article, etc, they also explore how to bring their writing to life on the page. 

I have written many books on Creative Writing for all ages and abiltiies and have run classes and workshops for adults and children, including school workshops, home educating groups and adult classes.

Expert Tuition to boost your grade.

I have created a successful and ingenious study technique for helping students gain higher grades in their GCSE English Language and Literature. (More details on the Subjects page).

Over the years I have helped numerous students fulfil their potential and increase their grades in the final exams. I cannot guarantee a particular grade, but I can help students make the most of their skills and achieve their best possible result.

English Language and Literature

I tutor English Language and Literature, including Poetry, for all ages up to A level. I also use poetry to help students improve their skills, adapting this depending on age and ability.

I tutor Functional Skills, IELTS, SATS, 11+ and 13+ and have a lot of experience with adult learners and returners.


My Literacy, Creative Writing and GCSE books for adults and children are based on years of tuition, workshops and groups. My books are available on Amazon and, as well as Kobo and other ebook stores.

I also write fiction and other non-fiction for adults and children. I will be releasing new books soon, including revision guides and activity books.

prices, payment and availability

Given my experience and specialist knowledge, my rates are high, however I may offer a reduction in certain cirucmstances. All lessons are to be paid for in advance.

I have a very limited number of after-school slots available for September 2021 onwards. If you require a weekday time after 3.30pm UK time, please get in touch as soon as possible or ask to be put on the waiting list for a time that suits you.

My weekday early morning slots (8am - 10am UK time) are all taken and I have limited availibility during the day. Please ask if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

All students on the waiting list can choose to take an alternate slot either at a different time or at weekends, and I will let you know as soon as your preferred slot becomes available.

Free Stuff!

I have a blog for news of my books, my life as a writer, poetry and free resources. There are lots of free Creative Writing and Literacy tasks and activities, including work for GCSE and A Level students. They all have a picture to help with the creativity, especially useful for visual learners.

I also have a blog on this site, under the Resources section, with various ideas and activities for Literacy and Creative Writing.


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