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Filming the Owls - a first person story for 11+/KS3/GCSE

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owl in the snow s

This story is going to be written in the first person and you will have to solve some owl-shaped problems along the way!

You are going to film some owls for a TV show. Sounds simple, right? You just turn up with your camera, start filming the owls sitting on their branches in the middle of the wintry landscape, and it will all look fantastic by the end.

Or will it?

Using the picture to help you, write the story of your struggles to film some unexpectedly awkward owls in the cold, frosty landscape of a winter's day.

Try to include your feelings, some action scenes and think about what could go wrong - and what might go right.

What will your film be like? Will it be okay in the end? 

Hint: If you have trouble getting started, try describing the picture as if you are standing close to the owl. Imagine yourself in the scene and this will make it easier to turn it into a full story later.

This story is great practice for creative writing where you want to include yourself in the story without it being like your everyday life. 

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