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The Moon Came Down - GCSE Exam Practice

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girl landscape low moon

Try this practice activity for your English Language exam!

The activity is based on the type of question you might see in the English Language original writing section but with more help and a lot less stress. You can take as long as you like to complete the activity and remember to treat it as practice rather than a mini-exam.

For this activity I want you to first describe what is happening in the picture. You can write full sentences or just make some notes. Try to pick out as much detail as possible, including descriptions of the scene, the girl, the moon etc.

Now imagine you are actually there, in the middle of a real event with this giant moon looming in the sky.

How would you feel?

What might you do? 

Who is the girl?

What happens next?

Write a story inspired by the picture and including some, or all, of the planning work you have completed. You can also include any new ideas you think of to make it a better story.

Try to write at least 4 good paragraphs, but also be careful not to write more than about 2 pages.

Hint: if you find you write too little or too much, use activities like this to practice writing less or more by keeping a close eye on how you answer questions, and what you can add or leave out of your work.

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